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They were very distinctive hopper cars: 55' long over coupler
pulling faces, prominent
external truss framing like a helium car, 6 unloading outlets,
small round loading
hatches....... See Train Shed Cyc #85, p. 162 or a 1953 CBC.

Pat Wider

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Pat can you describe the cars?

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I'm currently preparing an article on the General American
Trans-Flo (flour) covered
hopper cars that were in the GACX 41000-41099 series (circa
1950s). These cars
predecessors to GATC's Airslide cars. Does anyone know of scale
models (kit or brass)
may have been produced of these cars??? Thanks.
Pat Wider

Pat my friend, I'm very familiar with the cars as I used
to see them all the time in the mid 1950's on the BRC here in
Chicago carrying flour to the Nabisco Bakery next to PM's
Rockwell Yard on the South side.
I have never know of any kit to duplcate the cars in model
form, but I seem to remember an artical in MR about a million
years ago to scratch build one as part of the "Dollor Car"
series? Maybe someone can dig you up the info about the back
issue. If you would like to talk, e-mail me off list with your


Jerry Stewart
Chicago, Ill.

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