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Ian Cranstone wrote:

Further to the AGCX ownership comments:

My 7/1923 ORER shows the AGCX reporting mark as belonging to the Akin
Gasoline Co., from 7/1937-1/1950 to the Ohio Tank Car Co., from
1/1952-7/1960 to the Vendome Tank Car Co.; and in 7/1960 it was
transferred to the North American Car Corporation until being
eliminated in 4/1975. So although Richard Hendrickson has stated
correctly that as of 1950 Vendome had nothing to do with Akin Gasoline
cars, that had obviously changed by early 1952. I have some more ORERs
here to refer to and could probably refine those dates a little if
anyone was interested.
Given the evolution of oil company mergers (or buy-outs), shipper fleets being purchased by tank car lines, and the consolidation of the tank car lines themselves, the evolution of ownership of the AGCX mark Ian notes is by no means unique to the AGCX mark. The marks of tank cars can be quite time sensitive. In past postings, I have tried to trace the evolution of the marks of companies which Socony purchased after break up of the Trust through the ORER's and Moody's Industrials.

Socony and Standard of Indiana both purchased subsidiaries after the break up of the Standard Oil Trust whose marks were maintained even though the core of these Baby Standards maintained an exclusive lease arrangement with UTLX. To the best of my knowledge, marks of tank cars owned by subsidiaries which were purchased by SoCal and Jersey Standard were rather quickly turned over to UTLX.

Tim Gilbert

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