Re: Which tank cars?

Larry Rice

Jim originally asked... "Which tank cars are correct for the late '50s in
the Northwest? I'd like to have one decorated with a flying red horse or a
flying A or a billboard Sinclair or some such. But where do I look for the
era and location information I need to choose correct models? Where do I
look to find out if Mobil or Flying A or Sinclair or whoever had gas
stations here then?"

From the Spokane, Portland and Seattle's Traffic Department Circular No. 498
of January 1, 1955 (aka the industry list), bulk oil and fuel dealers
served by the railroad across the SP&S, OT and OE were...

Associated Oil Company
General Petroleum Corporation
Quaker State (Portland Terminal 4 only)
Richfield Oil Corporation
Shell Oil Company
Standard Oil Company
Texas Company
Tidewater Associated Oil Company
Union Oil Company

There were a number of local Portland companies listed... Champion Oil,
Christenson Oil, Freedom-Valvoline, Oregon Fuel, Sunset Oil Company, United

At Salem, H. J. Smalley and Valley Oil were listed along with Union,
Richfield, Shell and Standard.

In Spokane, Big West Oil, Boyle Fuel Company, Carter Oil, H. Earl Clack
Company, Colonial Fuel Company, and a host of others were listed along with
the eight listed above.

Old phone books, such as those in local museum and library collections are
useful in identifying the brands sold by the local dealers.

For anyone modeling a period just after the cut-off date of this forum,

Larry Rice
Port Townsend WA

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