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Has ye not heard of Blue Sunoco?
Nope. The color of gasoline is not much of a marketing tool nowadays,
since we no longer fill the big glass bottle at the top of the gas pump.

In fact, I can't remember the last time I actually saw liquid gasoline.
Sure, there's the inevitable drop that drips from the nozzle after I'm
done pumping gas, but I can't really tell the color.

Anyway, to you and the others who answered my question: "Thanks!"



Yes, different grades and brands of gas
are/were different colours
Gasoline for farm use is/was also coloured to tell it from gasoline with
road tax included. There is/was a stiff fine for operating a road
with farm use fuel. I expect the US picture was the same as Canada.

Another additive the chemist added changed the octane levels.


At 08:01 PM 1/25/06, you wrote:
I don't get it. How did the dye change the refinery product
fuel for those companies? Were their fuels a different color from
everyone else's?? - -Jeff
Peter Bowers

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