Re: WWII Freight Tank Utilization/Tim Gilbert

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Ed Mines wrote:
Few tank car loads can tolerate being
contaminated with something else - few except for crude oil,
gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel, aviation fuel.....

Consider trying to clean a tank car out . . .
Many chemical tank cars were made special, expensive materials.
Using those cars for crude oil would mean the car had to be cleaned
out before it's intended load could be hauled again. Too, how would
you know which chemical tank cars were clean and suitable for the
intended loads?
Ed, Ed, better have another cup of coffee. Tank cars have been routinely cleaned for decades and decades, and most certainly can be, and routinely are, used for other commodities (when suitable for other commodities, of course). The fact that you can't imagine how it would be done is not quite the same as it not being practical.

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