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Brian Termunde

I've driven on the that same stretch of highway lots of times, you can go hours with out seeing anyone other then train crews. I am not much of a fan of the desert, but it's something special to experience. Tom, lets's even worth putting up with BeanStiff!

Take Care!

Brian R. Termunde
West Jordan, UT
"Ship and Travel the Grand Canyon Line!" - Who uses Steam Era Freight Cars...

Grand Canyon Railway
Utah District

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Tim O'Connor bragged:

90 miles? Another world? C'mon Tom! I drive 90 miles to fill up my
gas tank!
You should see my commute to work! I admit that one might
think a vast empty desert may seem like Mars, but that's just the
effect that extreme boredom plays on the imagination!
Boredom?? Au contraire, mon frère! The historic highways followed rail
corridors, and it's your imagination that makes the experience so
rich. <<snip>> In the dark, the double stacks transform into
strings of SFRD ice reefers, and the wide cabs become F-units. I tell
you, my friend, it's a remarkable - and mesmerizing - experience!

Tom Madden, getting the itch to head for Amboy.

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