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Larry King asked:
Did PFE ever have cars with tho old Harriman underframe that had the
body upgraded to R-30-13 standards(ie. taller door,outside metal roof
angle bar along bottom of sides etc.)? In Thompson's PFE book there is
a photo of a icing platform ca. the 1920's that seems to show such a
car,but it is in the distance and hard to make out details.Any photo
Larry, please read on page 76 of that book: During 1925-1928, around 2000 of the old R-30-2 cars were rebuilt with new superstructures on original frames, and 2500 others got new superstructures AND new frames.
If the photo you mention is the one on page 85, it is dated 1911, before any rebuilding had taken place. If you mean some other photo, let me know and I will have a look at the print.

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