Re: Which tank cars?

Ian Cranstone

I'm sure you do Tim... but it will be of an Alberta Gas Chemicals car. The AGCX reporting marks were resurrected in 7/1978 for Alberta Gas Chemicals, who then transferred their fleet to Procor in 4/1990. They used to be a very attractive white car with a red logo, but since Procor's acquisition they have had their logos removed and the cars repainted to basic black. Athearn recently released their 62' tank car in the original scheme. It's a stand-in model at best, since the AGCX cars were a much more modern frameless design.

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

On 26-Jan-06, at 12:07 PM, timboconnor@... wrote:

It may not be the same owner, but I have a 2005 shot of a AGCX tank car.

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