Re: Covered Hoppers (was: Admin: End of Perceptions of distance)

Brian Termunde

I hope Mike will allow me to say (quickly) that I did enjoy the thread while it lasted, and got a laugh from several of the posts.

Now on to more serious business. One of the industries on my 1952 era Grand Canyon District will be a Gravel Pit (at Pitt, Ariz.). While I will need hoppers, and gons, it seems to me that I read someplace about the use of covered hoppers. Now I cannot seem to find the post where I had read it. I'm not sure if it was on this list, or another. But would there have been a use for covered hoppers or not? BTW, the cinders mined were volcanic, if that makes a difference. TIA!

Take Care!

Brian R. Termunde
West Jordan, UT
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