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Jack Priller wrote:

I just bought a pair of Tichy 10,000 gallon tank car kits [USRA-ARA
class III] Mentioned of the instruction sheet is fact that while the
earlier cars were built with Andrews trucks, later ones had
Bettendorfs, which are supplied with the kit. As I have a few pairs
on the Andrews trucks in supply box, I would like to know which ones
would most likely be on a privately owned tank car around 1930. Or
were there some of each in that time frame? TIA
To which Dave Nelson responded:

Old news: The instruction sheet is wrong. The tooling for the model was
made from a USRA proposal. No such cars were actually built. Perhaps
Richard will share some suggestions on how to best make use of the
collection of parts in this kit (I have some too).
Unfortunately, Dave is right. The Tichy (ex-Gould) kit is one of the
finest examples of injection-molded styrene tooling ever produced, but the
prototype for it never existed. Gould was a superb toolmaker but a lousy
historian (and was egged on in this project by Bob Hundman, who also
realize that the cars had never been built - and to this day has never
admitted he was wrong).

With regard to trucks, many of the tank cars built from ca. 1915 to the
late 1920s were equipped with arch bar trucks when new, and (with few
exceptions) kept them until the late 1930s-early 1940s, the AAR's ruling
against them in interchange service finally taking effect in 7/41. Cars
built with Andrews trucks (as some were) would still have had them in
and some cars built in the 1920s got one version or another of the ARA
steel trucks with integral journal boxes (incorrectly called by Tichy and
others "Bettendorf" trucks). But to know which trucks were on which cars,
you really have to work from photos. Tichy's "Bettendorf" trucks actually
represent AAR self-aligning spring plankless trucks, which weren't
developed until the mid-1930s and are therefore anachronisms if you're
modeling 1930. The 1920s ARA truck with spring plank is well modeled in
by Accurail and an odd late 1920s Gould version is less well modeled by
Model Die Casting.

The USRA 10,000 gal. tank design, which the Tichy kit well models, was
finally put into production (with some minor modifications) in 1942-'44
when several hundred cars were built by AC&F to the "war emergency" USG-A
specification, with more-restrictive-than-normal weight and pressure
limits. These cars were operated by the U. S. Army and Shippers Car Line.
But the underframes were of Type 27 design and thus different from the
underframe modeled by the Tichy kit. These cars can be kitbashed, but
that's not much help if you're modeling 1930.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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