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I'd say "no" unless something like locomotive sand was also
Cinders certainly don't need a "lid."

---> No, I can't see volcanic cinders being used for sand. Could
it have
been roofing granule's? I know that it would not have been for
ballast, as that
would have been gon's and hoppers, it would have to been something
else that
would use volcanic cinders, perhaps the finer particles that could
not have
been shipped in hoppers or gons. ...
COVERED hoppers are Class LO; ROOFED hoppers are Class HTR in
the late 1940's time period. The primary difference between the two
is in the construction of the bottom doors. Class HTR has ordinary
hopper drop doors which keep the lading somewhat dry, while Class LO
cars have water-tight sliding doors which keep the lading much
drier. They both have similar roof hatches to keep out water, etc.

Some types of aggregates are shipped in Class HTR cars to "keep
most of the water out." In Austin, Texas in the 1970's, a regular
carload of special aggregate from Arkansas was unloaded from HTR
cars weekly, but I never saw it carried in LO cars. For some
unknown reason, it had to be sort of dry. I think it was used for
marble flooring, but am not sure. The LO cars were usually used for
cement and lime in the late steam era. If your pit mines this type
of aggregate, you could spot some HTR cars there.

Locomotive sand was and is carried in cars of convenience,
either LO or HTR - whatever is in good shape and no longer needed
for revenue service. It doesn't have to be THAT dry. In the steam
era when labor was cheap, one man was assigned to operate the
sandhouse. Gondolas of wet sand were shoveled into a drier -
sometimes just a heated plate - then strained and elevated for loco
use. Later, that job was eliminated by shipping dry sand in LO or
HTR cars which kept out moisture and trash - imagine how a family of
cats in a gondola could cause a loco sand pipe to plug up! Ha!

A.T. Kott

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