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Recreating the Steam Era takes more than an assemblage of accurate models.
It's establishing an atmosphere, it's Al's oncoming headlight, it's Richard's
hang-on-for-dear-life cab ride at speed. You needn't have experienced these
things first-hand as long as you can let yourself be transported by the
accountings of those who did. If you can do that, then when you stand in Mike's UP
layout you can actually imagine yourself in the Laramie engine terminal. The
pulsing of Alemite guns, the thump of air compressors, the hiss of steam, the
smell of hot metal and soft coal smoke.... What an experience! What a hobby!!

---> Wow Tom, you really nailed it! This is one of the reasons that I'm on
this list. I want people to feel like it is 1952, and to feel the things that
you mention. I am willing to accept reasonable stand-ins if needed. But
nothing should detract from the overall scene. Those folks that will run a Railgon
behind an E unit might be having fun (which is great), but they will never be
able to recreate the moods and excitement that only a prototype based model
railroad can.

---> Which issue of the Warbonnet has that Richard Hendrickson article
appear in? I have GOT to get that one. TIA!

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