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One other item-
The NEB&W website has a nice photo of one of the PCB cars painted in
a billboard scheme in the private owner section. It's a grey car
with black ends and underbody advertizing one of their weed killing
Borax products.

Olin Dirks

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The Pacific Coast Borax Company, the former owner of the Tonopah
Tidewater Railroad, Later American Chemical & Potash, (Later Still
U.S. Borax after the scope of this list) had a small but growing
fleet of Pullman built NAHX 2003 cube covered hoppers to ship
Borate and other Borax products from their Boron, CA plant. (I
welcome any information about any General American or other
additional cars.) The highest volume destination was their Pier A
plant in Long Beach. There is circumstantial evidence to suggest
that they also used ATSF marked cars, which probably would have
included 2893 cube PS-2's by the end of the '50's. These cars
however did not have "shelf type rungs" on their end ladders.
PCB/ACP also shipped bagged product in boxcars.

Your mention of volcanic material got me thinking
Boraxo products, and coarse sand paper. Are any listers familiar
the manufacture of said items; and can provide enlightenment?
out loud.

Fred Freitas

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