Re: Drill bit set

Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

For the price being asked, these are probably OK, even though the ad seems to carefully not tell you where they are made.

However, as a steady drill bit customer, I personally have stopped purchasing bits from unknown vendors, or bits that are not made in the US, Japan, or Europe;. I have had far too many early drill failures (dulling, then breaking) with drill sets made elsewhere, and most importantly, I have found on occasion practically an entire set will have actual measured diameters that have only a casual relationship to what is specified.

Ditto with pin vises. I have literally piles of inexpensive imported pin vises that either are impossible to tighten satisfactorily without a pair of pliers, or (especially with the tiny vises) they will not center the drill straight. I finally bit the bullet about a month ago and put up the money to purchase a number of identical slim brass pin vises from a jewelry/watch tool supply house (Otto Frei They are currently lined up on my bench, holding #'s 80, 79, 78, and 76 drills respectively, ready to use. Others are holding tap drills for 00-90 and 0-80. They feel great in the hand. I feel emancipated.


Denny S. Anspach, MD
Sacramento, California

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