Re: Tank cars for Kendall Refining

Larry Kline

Narrowing it down still further, Kendall was still listed in the 7/45
ORER with 23 cars of four different gallonages.
Larry Kline
Pittsburgh, PA

Larry Grubb wrote:
Narrowing it down a bit further, my 4/46 ORER does not list Kendall

Richard Hendrickson wrote:
I can narrow that down a bit. Kendall was still listed in the 1/45 ORER
but not in the 7/47 ORER.

Al brown wrote:
The 1/43 ORER shows 23 KRTX tanks of four different gallonages. The
1/53 ORER shows *no* Kendall Refining cars, whic suggests they went to
leasing between those dates.

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