Re: USG-A tank car in Mainline Modeler

Richard Hendrickson

On Jan 31, 2006, at 7:31 AM, Garth Groff wrote:

The Air Force certainly did have its own equipment, as Tony asserts.
Many entities, both public and private, owned railroad cars which never
operated in interchange and never left their own properties. That the
U. S. Air Force was one of them is not at issue. My original point was
that only the Army and Navy owned cars that were listed in the ORERs
and that remains true; Gene Green has provided a useful explanation of
why no Air Force cars appeared there.

I had the impression that the Red Caboose tank car was modeled after
at the Feather River Railroad Museum in Portola. They certainly have
that is a close match, as shown in Richard H.'s RMJ article when this
model was released.
Correct. Someone from RC went to the museum with camera and tape
measure, so the RC model is a highly accurate representation of the
postwar AC&F 10K gal. welded prototype. They chose that prototype so
they wouldn't have to tool rivets. Unfortunately, they have since
issued the model in countless P/L schemes that were only applied to
riveted cars, but the model is correct for a sizable number of USAX
cars as well as for some diesel fuel cars built for RRs like the Frisco
that were converting from steam to diesel in the early '50s.

Richard Hendrickson

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