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Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Richard Hendrickson wrote:
My original point was
that only the Army and Navy owned cars that were listed in the ORERs
and that remains true; Gene Green has provided a useful explanation of
why no Air Force cars appeared there.
It seems to me that this explanation is too simple. That the Air Force owned cars does not appear to me to necessarily conflict with the use of existing reporting marks such as USAX. Of course for modeling purposes we want to know the appropriate marks to letter on a car.
The cars I mentioned seeing at Wright-Pat but did not think to photograph were gray, worn and dirty, and clearly lettered "UNITED STATES AIR FORCE" in fairly small black letters. They were certainly not "display" cars" (or if so, it was a terrible display <g>) and were on sidings at the supply buildings on the Patterson side of the base. I either didn't note their reporting marks or else don't remember, and of course they could well have been USAX or DODX, but it's my recollection that they did have the full capacity and dimensional data. And these were hardly in "intra-plant" service, as the sidings in question came directly onto the base and extended only a short way to the supply buildings and tanks (fuel, I assumed).
I suppose it would be interesting to see if Bob's Photo or comparable source (the redoubtable Col. McCoid comes to mind) might have a car lettered as I describe.

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