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It does make you wonder why a chemical warfare base in Pine Bluff,
Ark would want a wooden snowplough!!!!


Barry Bennett

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I assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that this discussion was limited to
freight cars in interchange service. Except for the brief listing
the 1954 ORER of two USAFX flat car series totalling 18 cars I have
been unable to find any Air Force freight car listings in the
Since my collection if far from complete I may not have looked in
right place yet. If anyone has an ORER from 1955 or 1956 I'd
appreciate hearing what is to be found therein on this topic.

There are and were many Army, Navy and Air Force freight cars for
intra-plant use only. The various Army Ammo Depots used to have
of them. In the case of Army cars they were marked USA instead of
USAX (same as cars for foreign service). The Air Force could have
had the same sort of thing but I don't know. I know the Navy had
cars for intra-plant use only but I don't know how they were

Over the years the military has purchased used freight cars and new
freight cars. In the case of freight cars built new for one of the
military services there is a cast metal plate that contains, among
other things, the original reporting marks, Federal Stock Number,
builder, date built and some other stuff. This plate was only on
side of each car. For those who come across former military
cars in museums may I suggest that you look for the plate? My
experience has been that the "Air Force" freight cars have USAX
reporting marks on the plate. Like locomotive builder's plates, a
lot of these plates have been removed by souvenir hunters (aka

Given that the equipment diagram of the "Air Force" flat car I
mentioned in an earlier post is found in an Army Technical Manual I
tend to regard the car as an Army car. I view the 1954 ORER
as a fluke.

Ignore all those black locomotive with UNITED STATES AIR FORCE
lettered on the sides. According to my contacts those are Army
locomotives used by the Air Force.

Gene Green

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