CNW and CB&Q boxcars to AC&Y

Bob Weston

Hi Guys!
In 1945 the AC&Y purchased five foreign road boxcars, CNW 42186, CB&Q
104516, CB&Q 102772, CB&Q 95161 and CB&Q 46425. The CNW car had been
wrecked on line while the CB&Q cars were received in interchange
needing extensive general repairs. The AC&Y purchase price of the cars
was their scrap value. The ever resourceful AC&Y then reconditioned
these cars, four to use as storage cars and one became a new tool car
for the wreck train.
CNW 42186, CB&Q 104516, CB&Q 102772 and CB&Q 95161 became stores
cars. CB&Q became tool car ACY X963.
Could someone please tell me the class of these cars on their
respective railroads? Thanks!
Bob Weston

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