Re: PRR Projects Group H21

Tim Gilbert <tgilbert@...>

Bruce Smith wrote:

The PRR Projects group ( <> will be
starting our H21 project on February 14. With a wide range of models of
the H21 available we expect participants from several scales. Included in
the project will be improving the Bowser N and HO Scale models as well as
Westerfield resin kits. We may have some resin S-Scale cars being built
too! Almost anyone can use at least one H21a on their layout, whether
they're an SPF or not! (any of these seen going over Sherman Hill??)
There were no H21's reported by UP Conductor Fraley in either his Fall 1947 or Spring 1949 Wheel Reports. Aberration? What was so special about coal mined on the Pennsy which would appeal to coal users west of the Rockies in view of the high transportation costs?

Tim Gilbert

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