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Last night the TV show 'Dirty Jobs' guy spent part of the show in a feed mill. I have a feed mill on my layout and did some research on it. One ingredient I may have missed is molasses. The temp at the mill during filming was about zero yet the stuff seemed to still flow fine.

We had a sugar beet processing plant north of town on the CGW. The M&StL (my RR) would interchange beets directly with the CGW, but all plant products were interchanged through the MC&CL trolley RR on the south side of town.

My question is: If my feed mill were to order a car of molasses from the sugar plant is there any special type of tank car this would have been shipped in? Anyone have any examples of tank cars hauling molasses.

Car routing: The CGW would have taken the loaded tank car 3 to 4 miles SW to the MC&CL transfer at Clear Lake jct. The trolley would have pushed the car 2 to 3 miles east to the M&StL interchange, then the M&StL would have to shove the car a couple miles north to the feed mill. Bet the fantasy operating bunch couldn't come up with anything that unique!

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Mason City Iowa

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