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Bruce Smith

On Feb 1, 2006, at 8:22 AM, Tim Gilbert wrote:

There were no H21's reported by UP Conductor Fraley in either his Fall
1947 or Spring 1949 Wheel Reports. Aberration? What was so special about
coal mined on the Pennsy which would appeal to coal users west of the
Rockies in view of the high transportation costs?
Not necessarily anything... given the huge size of the fleet and the fact that cars DID go off-line, there is certainly the chance that an H21 would stray in much the same manner as say an N&W hopper... and end up loaded with company coal headed over Sherman Hill. Since we have been down this road before, I would also remind you that individual mines did produce grades of coal that could be highly sought after for industrial processes and there is the _potential_ that coal on the Pennsy might indeed be desired by a customer on the UP.


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