Re: USAF Freight Cars

Ed Hawkins

On Wednesday, February 1, 2006, at 06:01 AM, Gene Green wrote:

Could those who have ORERs in the 1950s please look up the Air Force
therein to see what if anything is listed.  I'd like to know. 
As I said earlier, my collection jumps from July 1954 to January 1961.
For one about in the middle of this time period, the 4/57 ORER lists
"Department of the Navy" (USNX) located in Washington, D.C. and
"Department of the Army" (USAX and DFAX), located at the Transportation
Supply and Maintenance Command in St. Louis. The USNX listed 232 tank
cars and USAX 3,969 tank cars. The only DFAX cars listed are 18 flat
Ed Hawkins

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