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Tim Gilbert <tgilbert@...>

Mike Aufderheide wrote:


Thanks to the work you did on the Monon Query conductor logs I can
offer a midwest perspective on how prevalent these cars were. I was
surprised that half of the 28 HTs recorded off the log so far were PRR
cars: 10 H21s and 4 H25s! About half of these were cars loaded at
online mines. As an aside, 10% of the HMs that are recorded so far
off of this log are GLa s. This on a road clogged with SOU and LN
twins. Given that the number of H21s was several times the entire
roster of the Monon, I should not have been surprised. I am easily

Did the Pennsy serve any mines in southern Indiana? I don't think they did in Illinois, but I could be wrong. Still, Indiana is a thousand miles closer to PRR's coal belt than Sherman Hill. Both those PRR hoppers "tethered" and those that had "strayed" should be much higher in Indiana than across the Rockies.

Tim Gilbert

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