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On Feb 1, 2006, at 4:51 PM, bean_bowl wrote:

I searched in the archives, but couldn't find anything comprehensive
as to the various styles of Youngstown doors Don Hall is producing.
There's the doors for the B-50-25 SP "overnight" cars--but does anyone
have a list of what other 6' Youngstown doors are or have been
produced? Will all of them eventually return to stock?

Dan's list can be found at

Des Plaines Hobbies sells them, too. The doors you are referring to are an early Youngstown door than can be used to make a B-50-24 "Overnight" car. In addition, I will be offering a mini kit with these doors, resin ends and custom decals to do the SP/T&NO B-50-25 cars that used these doors. These will be ready for sale this month (really!)

In addition to the doors listed at the site referenced and these, Dan's is at work on some others that will be useful to us. I'll let him announce them when is ready.

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