Re: SP Stock Car from Red Caboose

Jim Scott


Now I can put the book that I bought to good use....
And i thought the series would only be good for the
beet cars...

Jim Scott
Lompoc, CA

--- Garth Groff <ggg9y@...> wrote:

Tony and friends,

Oh, poop! Well, I can still use one for interchange
traffic. I have
photos of SP stock cars running on the SN.

Kind regards,

Garth G. Groff

Anthony Thompson wrote:

Ray Breyer wrote:

Looks to me like an S-40-8. If so, great; I need
at least one for
Illinois traffic.

Look again at the end. The -8 end has slats,
this one does not. I
assume it is S-40-5, since there is a Cyc drawing
available for that
class, and it has solid ends like the model.

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