Re: ReBoxx Bushings

Malcolm H. Houck

In a message dated 2/2/2006 2:07:49 PM Eastern Standard Time,
STMFC@... writes:

Tichy makes a similar part. It has been available for a long time.

If I'm not mistaken the ReBoxx bushings are shallower than the Tichy
offerings. Tichy bushings were originally designed for use in Tichy arch bar truck
{kit}, and seem somewhat deeper due to a more robust profile of the arch bar
truck sideframe at the journal.

I've used both ReBoxx and Tichy journals. The Tichy journal bushing set is
[was(?)] made from nylon while the ReBoxx product is a slippery acetyl material
of some sort. I used some "test shot" output from ReBoxx [as sort of a
private Beta test] and I liked the results. I still don't know if the ReBoxx
journal are yet available as a discrete product.

Mal Houck

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