Re: N&W hoppers on Sherman Hill

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Richard Hendrickson wrote:
Oh, good. You can couple it to that USAFX box car model you're going
to build, since the almost infinitesmal period of time when those Air
Force cars might have been (though probably were not) in interchange
service falls right into your modeling time frame. I hope you'll post
a photo of it when it's finished.
Likely I won't be able to resist the fun of having a whole string of USAFX cars, which will make their rare and occasional run on the layout IF and only if RHH visits. <VBG>
I have never forgotten the facial expression produced by Jack Burgess, a fascinating mixture of shock and astonishment, with perhaps a touch of horror, when he beheld the caboose track for my freelance shortline (since discarded) on my Pittsburgh layout: each and every caboose in the string was a YV no. 15, painted of course for my road name.
In a voice no doubt weakened by the shock, he reminded me that even the YV only had one no. 15. Naturally I replied, "Of course, but then, this is not the YV." I'm not sure Jack has ever looked at me the same since.
But I've learned my lesson. When Richard visits, I'll be sure to have video equipment handy to record HIS reactions. Sure wish I'd done that the time Jack visited. <several more VBGs>

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