Re: Molasses tank car

Gene Green <bierglaeser@...>

Some of the lettering still shows but most is badly faded. Another
problem is that some lettering has been painted over and it isn't
always easy to know which layer is which.

The car is GATX 75654 built 6-55.

Yes, I took photos both Kodachrome and color print, the former with a
view towards eventual publication, the latter merely for details so
that my notes would make sense once I got home. I lost some interest
in the project when I discovered there'd been a tank swap. I haven't
been back since April of 2000 and no longer have access. I probably
could get access again.

Gene Green

--- In STMFC@..., "Lynn Finch" <lmfin@...> wrote:

Gene Green wrote: <<<Setting behind the main building is a GATX
insulated tank car dating from the mid-1950s that is partly cut up.
When I inquired why they didn't finish cutting it up I was told it was
full of molasses. >>>>

Gene: Is there enough left to get the lettering on the tank car or
do you
already have photos's. Lynn Finch

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