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Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Bob Witt wrote:
I just recently looked at photos of a prototype truck and one of the
views illustrated how the journals are almost centered on the frame
casting so as much of the journal was behind the frame as in front of
it. Our too wide wheel treads on model trucks prevent modeling that
"look". On model trucks the back of the truck frames should be much
closer to the faces of the wheels than what appears to be the case for
these Red Caboose trucks.
Exactly right description, Bob. But from what Bill McClung told me, I don't think this is the final truck for this kit. This class was delivered with Vulcan trucks (which I believe were T-section), and only late in life did many get U-section trucks. I always hesitate to call anything "T-section." The term of course only refers to the cross-section of the sideframe, but many modelers have an equally knee-jerk reaction to "T-section" as they do to "Bettendorf," and only think of one type of T-section truck: the diamond-pattern sideframe design offered by Bettendorf, ASF, and others. The Vulcans are quite different.

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