Re: National Car cars

Richard Hendrickson

Bill Welch refers to Fruit Growers Express as "the nation's second largest
reefer entity." Uh, depends on how you count, Bill. In terms of car
ownership, FGEX and NX combined added up to 12,947 as of the 1/53 ORER,
third behind PFE and SFRD (which had 14,521 cars on the active roster at
that time). But if you include the Burlington (BREX) and Great Northern
(WFEX) fleets, which were owned by those railroads but operated for them by
Fruit Growers, then the number of cars under Fruit Growers' control was
20,492. Just to keep the record straight.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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