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There was a later project that was designed in the 70's and early 80's but never really got off the starting block. Since this is a later than the Steam Era issue, if anyone would like more information on this program, I can get it from a friend who worked on the project some years ago. Let me know.

Jeff Leaman

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I wonder whether the Minuteman missle or whatever it was traveled in freight trains. I know that a missle car and perhaps a control car traveled in passenger trains. In 1968 I rode the Rock Island "Plainsman" from Iowa Falls to Minneapolis. It was winter, and the train was about two hours late into Iowa Falls and getting later as we went along. There it came with its three coaches, a diner lounge, mail car and baggage cars, and the two or three missle cars. The military personnel must have been in one of the cars. We definitely did not see them because it was snowing and very cold outside.


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Can't speak to the US of A but there were definitely armed/armored
trains in Mexico and Uganda. See Signor and Kirchner, "Southern
Pacific of Mexico", p 29; and Patience, "Steam in East Africa"
(Heinemann: Nairobi, 1976), p 49.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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> A number of the WWII and Korean War era videos show 'messangers'
> or 'guards' (don't know the correct term) riding military equipment
> flat cars. Don't know if they were armed or not.
> The military had until recently guard cars. During the first gulf
> I saw military equipment shipped in solid trains accompanied by
> guards riding in either a DODX guard cars or one of the special SP
> white RR police cabooses.
> Gene Green

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