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Hi Gene,

Sunshine Models does publish information/announcement sheets on each of its
new releases. The include number series, road classes, rebuild dates, and
all sorts of other useful data. I believe you can get them for a stamped,
self-addressed envelope if you ask soon after the kit is announced ­ I doubt
if they do very large print runs.

We announce Sunshine kits as they are released in the New & Products section
of "Model Railroader," and at (These are based on those
info sheets.) If you write to Sunshine as soon as you see one of those
announcements, I'm sure you can get copies of the sheets for current
releases. (And each sheet includes a handy order form.)

When I see the Sunshine display at Naperville and other shows, I, like many
others, make a circuit of the room and pick up the sheets for every car that
looks remotely interesting.

So long,


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From: Gene Green <>
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Date: Sat, 04 Feb 2006 05:02:43 -0000
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Subject: [STMFC] Re: Number series versus Class designation

Thanks to all who responded. I posted in frustration after spending
nearly an hour on Westerfield's site and finding, mostly, that the
number series is not to be found in his otherwise very informative
descriptions. In most cases I was unable to read the car number in
his photos and feel certain I could read it accurately.

I'll keep plugging along as I have been. It'll keep me busy.

Gene Green

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Gene Green wrote:

I find myself wishing I knew the number series for HO model
cars, especially those from F&C, Sunshine and Westerfield. I
that the Sunshine and Westerfield instructions pretty
have that information but how do I find it without first buying
Al Westerfield's web page generally gives roster information and a
history for each number series of kit. I don't know anything about
and of course Sunshine doesn't have a web presence at all.

Do I just need to continue wading through the material from
RR historical societies, magazine articles, Morning Sun color
until I find what I'm looking for?

Shawn Beckert

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