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jim peters

Good morning Gentlemen,

I'm a recent convert to P87 - and to keep my life interesting I'm hand laying my track using code 55 on the main and code 40 everywhere else.

Now for the question (and I hope this might spark some discussion) . . . Do I require sprung trucks (e.g. Kadee)? Somebody (I can't remember who) convinced me, that given the small flanges on P87 wheels, that sprung trucks would help to compensate for any minor bumps or dips in the rail.

I've never really been a fan of the Kadee see through springs. On one pair of trucks I've replaced the truck springs with coupler springs. I don't know how springs are rated or graded, but the coupler springs have more coils/length - Less see through - but the smaller diameter dose not solve the see through problem.

On the other side, I really like the weight of the Kadee trucks. Their clip on brake beams look absolutely super with the P87 wheels. Even if I were to go back to the rigid trucks (Accurail, Tichy, etc) I will modify them to accept the Kadee brake beams.

I seem to be straying from my topic with that last paragraph . . . Gentlemen, any thoughts or experiences you could share. To be or not to be (sprung) is the question . . . (Sorry, just couldn't resist)


Jim Peters
Coquitlam, B.C.

P.S. Matt, I liked your idea, I'll bring up the boxcars in a couple of weeks.

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