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I'm responding to this because I take exception to " They were the biggest moochers ever of other railroads' cars". I contend that on the NYC (60's) we could out mooch anyone when it came to using the other guys hoppers. But we did, as did the others, observe CSO 411.

The following comments are some technical points for those interested in the details.

The main restrictions in the early fifties were on N&W, VGN, L&N, and C&O hoppers. These hoppers were mandated to go home directly empty. Also WM.
> B&O did not subscribe to the 411 car service rule.

This restriction was under Car Service Directive 411, which by the way was not a car service rule. The AAR Car Service Division from time to time issued Car Service Directives and Special Car Orders, e.g. SCO90, which were modifications to the car service rules.

Although order prohibited loading of those marks, I don't believe it said anything about sending them home directly. It allowed returning via reverse route.

There were also some restrictions on C&EI, MP, and MILW hoppers operating out of certain markets.

They were the biggest moochers ever of other railroads' cars and had to play the game that way, in the great hopper free-for-all.

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