Re: FGE mechanical reefer

Tim O'Connor


That's true, and they were not universally applied even after
1955. I have a 1957 builder photo of BREX 5061 with the older
style ribs. But ends are easy to replace -- I am concerned with
the sides, plug doors and equipment doors since those are not
easy to modify. Some cars had cylindrical fuel tanks rather
than rectangular tanks. It's best to work from a photo!


Yes, Tim, but have you looked at the end????? "Banana Taper"
Late Improved Dreadnaught ends did not debut until 1955.
-Andy Carlson Ojai CA

--- Tim O'Connor <timboconnor@...> wrote:

The series that is closest to the model is BREX 120-149 built 1953
by FGE. These cars are identical to a 1958 photo I have of FGEX 150.

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