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Dana and Larry Kline <klinelarrydanajon@...>

Both home road and foreign road hoppers were in use for the coal traffic on
the Western Maryland in 1952. The following data is based on an article in
the May 1952 issue of Modern Railroads and the H.H. Copeland Reports. The
numbers in the tables are cars/day.

The photos I have suggest that most or all of the coal originated on the WM
moved in company hoppers. However, the Coal Origins table below shows that
about 2/3 of that coal came from 2 isolated WM coal branches south of
Fairmont, WV and traveled over 70 miles of B&O trackage rights before it
reached WM rails at Bowest Junction near Connellsville, PA. The table also
shows that 70% of the coal moving on the WM was received from other roads,
primarily the B&O at Cherry Run WV. The B&O coal shippers used the
WM-RDG-CNJ-L&NE routing to New York and New England in preference to its own
longer route via Baltimore and Philadelphia.

The Coal Destinations table shows that the destinations for the coal
traveling over the WM were mostly off-line. With typical routings, loaded
WM and B&O hoppers would have been seen on the Reading (Reading,
Philadelphia and New York City), the CNJ (New York City) and the L&NE and
connections (New England & Canada).

Origins for coal shipped on the WM
Fairmont, WV area coal branches 160 19%
Via Elkins, WV line 93 11%
Off-Line 593 70%

Destinations for coal shipped on the WM
Misc, Including westbound 113 13%
Reading PA area 133 16%
Baltimore 91 11%
Philadelphia 193 23%
New York City area 233 28%
New England & Canada 67 8%
Other 16 2%

If you have off-line photos of WM hoppers, please let me and the list know.

Larry Kline

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