B&O O-63 gondola question

James Mischke <jmischke@...>

I've been looking at the B&O O-63 gondola. It is a Bethlehem
design, 14 panel, 3'-6" above floor, 52'-6 long over end
sills. Stakes seem to be tapered hats, riveted, and do not
extend to the bottom of the fishbelly. Unlike the earlier B&O
O-59/A (produced recently by Sunshine Models in resin), the O-63
lacks the Duryea underframe and has fixed ends.

It also had some variations:

- O-63 264000-264999, 1000 cars. original series, built 1951

- O-63c 264076-264896 series, only four cars converted, height
extended 1955 to 5'-11" above floor

- O-63d 351000-351223, 225 cars, converted 1956-57 with skids
and Republic coil covers

- O63e 351500-351524, 25 cars, converted to 4'-6" above floor
in 1957, three part roof

Question: Did any other railroads have nearly identical
Bethlehem fixed end gons?

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