freight car "tidal movements"

Tim O'Connor

I just encountered an old freight car distribution term, when
I was reading the special notes in the 1950 ORER regarding the
AMRX mechanical reefers built in 1946:

"Cars in this series are operating in special service and
should not be handled in the TIDE MOVEMENT* but handled
strictly on record rights and in home routes so they can
be returned to assigned points."

The implication of course is that freight cars often moved with
the "tide of traffic" without regard to car service directives
or return home rules, unless their owners were pretty adamant
about it! Of course in 1950 a 50 foot mechanical was a rare
creature, and relatively hard to lose track of (compared to,
say, a 50 ton twin coal hopper).

Tim O'Connor

* my emphasis

The mechanicals were AMRX 1100-1112.

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