Re: ADMIN: Definitions of the Steam Era is now terminated

Dave Nelson <muskoka@...>

Mike Brock wrote:

Now that we all know thoroughly about why the steam era was decreed
for the STMFC as 1900-1960, we can now return to discussions about
steam era frt cars. This thread...discussing possible time periods
for the steam now terminated...unless the discussion deals
with frt cars. Thanks.
My recollection of the initial discussions about setting this date is vague
but I seem to recall part of the argument in favor of it was because we are
focused on the freight cars of the steam era (not the locomotives) and by
the end date we picked there were many, many freight cars of the steam era
still rolling. Besides, who among us, we friends of the freight car, really
ever noticed what as at the front end anyway? 8-)

Hope that adds some additional clarity to the decision.

Dave Nelson

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