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Bruce Smith

On Feb 9, 2006, at 10:21 AM, Gene Green wrote:
I've tried a variety of brands over the years although last night's
attempt was with the Super Glue Co brand. This morning it is still
jelly-like and somewhat sticky. The next two tubes on hand are Duro
Was it jelly-like when you opened it? When you used it last night?

I've heard that moisture acts as a catalyst to help cyanoacrylate cure
or harden or whatever it is supposed to do. Is this true? The
humidity is 14% this morning.
No! Moisture interferes with ACC curing and bonding. All parts should be dry and no water should be introduced.

How long is the shelf-life of this stuff?
Where I live (alabama), about 6 months or less. You can increase this by keeping it in the fridge. I buy the cheapest stuff I can and usually throw away half a bottle or so.

Anyone care to recommend any particular brand?
Loctite, Hobbytown, whatever. If you're feeling rich or want to bond to delrin, use Cyanopoxy.

How do you get the "instant" part to work?
Use the accelerator. This is usually acetone. I love it when Mike Rose sells "Cyanopoxy" and claims it isn't ACC. Funny thing is that the EXACT same accelerator works with it, and the Cyanopoxy folks provide it in a nice convenient spray bottle (expensive too). You may be able to salvage your bad stuff with a spritz of accelerator.

Bottom line is I've never gotten "super glue" to work. Has anyone
else? Or is this just an elaborate marketing hoax?
No, it works great. If you use the "thin" or "super thin" stuff, the bond should be nearly instant... The "thick" or "gap filling" kind dries more slowly (30-60 seconds). Note that this is not a fusion bond like plastic cement, so enough shear force can usually break it, and smooth surfaces are weaker bonders as well. When joining large joints, such as resin freight car sides, always make sure that the surface to be glued has a least a little "tooth" to help the bond. Oh yeah, and don't use too much. "Super glue" works best when capillary action is used to wick the glue between the pieces to be bonded.


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