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Bruce Smith

On Feb 9, 2006, at 11:13 AM, wrote:

On Feb 9, 2006, at 11:54 AM, Bruce Smith wrote:
No! Moisture interferes with ACC curing and bonding. All parts
should be dry and no water should be introduced.
Sorry Bruce but the moisture in the air is what sets up the super
glue. The original brand was Eastman. I find it to be the best. There
was a TV show on PBS last night about it. Two guys in Tennessee
discovered it by accident and Eastman put it on the market.

Water VAPOR or trace water (ie hydrated hydrophillic molecules) causes it to set up. That's why it goes bad in the tube. BTW, it isn't water specifically, but ANY weak base that counteracts the weak acid in the ACC. Water in the liquid form however interferes with the ability of ACC to make a bond. I know from both modeling and operating room experience. If you try to glue pieces of a body back together with blood on them, it doesn't work. The surfaces must be free of blood to get a good bond. (BTW I won't say if the preceding was the OR or modeling experience <G>)

I did make one error. Acetone is the debonder, not the active ingredient in the accelerator. The active ingredient in the accelerators consists of a weak base in a carrier of isopropyl alcohol or acetone.


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