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My favorite ACC is one made by Lok Tite. I get it at Home Depot. I
first heard about it on this list. Its most impressive feature is that
it does not freeze up un the bottle anywhere near as fast as other

As for instant setting, use an accelerator. I get that at my local
hobby shop. It comes in a pump spray bottle and its most impressive
feature is that it does not appear to have an effect on anything other
than the ACC. I have not seen it disturb paint, or plastic, or
lettering. It evaporates quickly leaving no visible residue.


Andy Miller

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I'm having trouble using cyanoacrylate for kit assembly. The most
recent difficulty is attaching the wire grab irons to a Life-Like war
emergency composite hopper.

I've tried a variety of brands over the years although last night's
attempt was with the Super Glue Co brand. This morning it is still
jelly-like and somewhat sticky. The next two tubes on hand are Duro

I've heard that moisture acts as a catalyst to help cyanoacrylate cure
or harden or whatever it is supposed to do. Is this true? The
humidity is 14% this morning.

How long is the shelf-life of this stuff?
Anyone care to recommend any particular brand?
How do you get the "instant" part to work?
Bottom line is I've never gotten "super glue" to work. Has anyone
else? Or is this just an elaborate marketing hoax?

Back to the Life-Like war emergency composite hopper, has anyone just
pressed the grabs into the holes and omitted the use of glue? Have the

grabs fallen out? Used a different type of glue?

I am definately open to suggestions here.

Gene Green

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