MKT 76001-77500 boxcar details

Mark Heiden

Hello everyone,

I have a couple of questions regarding some MKT single-sheathed
boxcars, series MKT 76001-77500, as they were circa 1948. There is
a photo of MKT 76666 on page 9 in the February 1988 issue of Model
Railroading, and on the pay side of the NEB&W website:

So, my questions are:

1. The sides and ends of these cars were painted yellow with black
lettering. One source indicates they had boxcar red or brown roofs.
Does anyone know if this is correct?

2. Are Champ HB-1 decals the best set for these cars? Are there any
other sets available?

3. What sort of brakes were more common, KC or AB, by 1948?

Any information is appreciated.

Mark Heiden

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