Re: MKT 76001-77500 boxcar details

Mark Heiden

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the paint/brake info and car numbers! Those are
definately appreciated. Was there anything unusual about the
arrangement of the AB brake components (transverse mounted air tank,
all components on the same side, etc), and were power handbrakes

Mark Heiden

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On Feb 9, 2006, at 10:35 AM, Mark Heiden wrote:

I have a couple of questions regarding some MKT single-sheathed
boxcars, series MKT 76001-77500, as they were circa 1948....
3. What sort of brakes were more common, KC or AB, by 1948?
Mark, I have four photos of cars in this series that were painted

76814 (photo 1941)
77514 (photo 1943)
77778 (photo 1951)
77780 (photo 1946)

All had AB brakes, so it appears that the Katy started applying AB
equipment to these cars before WW II and that many, if not most,
of the
cars were AB equipped by 1948.

Richard Hendrickson

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