Re: moisture cure polyurethanes/Goo strings

Gene Green <bierglaeser@...>

Years ago I built a nice interior for the MDC observation and glued it
into the car with Goo. The interior was almost 100% styrene and was
glued together with solvent type cement. Eventually the Goo caused
severe warping of both car body and interior. Since that time I have
not used Goo. And I haven't found any way to manage the "stringies."

Gene Green

--- In, "ed_mines" <ed_mines@...> wrote:

The reason moisture curing polyurethanes expands is that they produce
carbon dioxide gas as a byproduct which often gets trapped as bubbles.

Someone mentioned they used Goo instead of ACC. I'm no fan of ACC -
parts popped off of kits (Qualitycraft kits) I built years ago.

How do you keep the Goo strings from getting all over everything?


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