AC&F customer lists - interpreting

Rob Kirkham <rdkirkham@...>

I was reviewing the AC&F lists of customers from the St Louis Mercantile Library, and noticed a series of cars/lots sold to CC&F. Among these were two sets of Type 27 tank cars, lots 714 of 5 cars, and 889 of 10 cars.

So a couple of questions arise:
1) would AC&F selling to CC&F reflect CC&F actually placing an order for car production with AC&F in an AC&F plant? Or is this probably reflective of some customs duty/tax dodge by companies with cross border traffic?

2) if these are probably relfective of CC&F actually commissioning AC&F to build and send tank cars north, presumeably it was for resale in Canada. ie CC&F would not have maintained a rost of freight cars as a lessor would it?

3) Does anyone happen to have an idea who (after CC&F) purchased lots 714 and 889, the two lots of Type 27 cars?

4) anyone know of Canadian owners of Type 27 cars? (obvious InterMountain model being the key issue here!)

Thanks in advance,

Rob Kirkham

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