Re: Super Glue as medical adhesive

Thomas Baker

About four years ago at the S gauge convention in Strongville, Ohio, a gentleman from Florida was touting his glue. One of his points was that his glue--and I cannot recall the brand name--was devloped by the Germans during World War II and used by Wehrmacht medics on the battlefield when sutures would take too long. The wounded Soldat could be temporarily "sown up" and then evacuated to a hospital where proper sutures could be made. It never entered my head though to try the stuff in the alleged medical capacity. Those who tried his product said that it worked very well for assembling plastic kits.


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The AC glue used for medical purposes is NOT the same as what one can
purchase at the LHS or office supply. The biggest difference (and the
most important) is that the medical grade is sterile, and the
commercial grade is not- pretty important. I would be very cautious
about using it in this regard.

Denny S. Anspach, MD

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