sheets of contact cement


About 25 years ago I laminated optical image disks with a contact
adhesive. The adhesive came between 2 sheets of paper which were die

We'd peel the paper off one side, apply the adhesive patch, burnish
it and then peel off the second piece of paper and apply the second
part of the disk. Burnishing funished the job.

This would be ideal for attaching etched metal roofwalks.

Did you know that Goo can be activated with heat after it dries?
Check out old Walthers catalogs. Once it's on the plastic roof walk
I let it dry, positioned the etched roof walk in place and then
heated the roof walk with a pencil solder iron.

I'll have to find out about Barge cement. A few years ago someone on
this list recommend Pliobond. After a while i couldn't get the jar
open and something fell to the bottom.


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