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I'm interested in WW-II tank car prototypes... would appreciate
having a 1943 ORER handy kindly provide the TOTAL tank cars shown
the firms below. Thanks! Bob Lucas
From the 1/43 ORER:

Shell Oil (SCCX, RPX)
SCCX 539 cars, RPX and SEPX 3254 together.

Canadian General Transit (CGTX, CGBX)
CGTX 1243 cars. Couldn't find CGBX.

Barrett Div., Allied Chemical (BMX, PBX)
BMX 1480 cars. Couldn't find PBX.

North American Car (AESX, NATX)
NATX 4459 cars, AESX 99 cars.

Cities Service (CSOX, EROX)
CSOX and EORX (not EROX) 2976 cars together.

Gulf Oil (GRCX)
GRCX 1551 cars.

Socony-Mobil (SMX)
No SMX. Socony reporting marks were WOCX (37 cars), LUBX (196 cars),
WEOX (740 cars), WSRX (296 cars).

Champlin Refining (HHCX)
HHCX and LENX 721 cars together.

Continental Oil (CONX)
CONX 1210 cars.

Columbia Southern Chemical (SACX, PPGX)
No such company. SACX was Southern Alkali (50 cars), PPGX was
Pittsburgh Plate Glass, Columbia Chemical Div (PPGX and CACX 119
cars together). Did these maybe merge later to form Columbia

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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